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55 Bank Street, White Plains, NY
For LCOR, Inc., Adler Consulting prepared a Traffic Impact Study for the development consisting of approximately 542 residential dwelling units in two buildings along with approximately 10,000 square feet (sf) of retail facilities. Adler Consulting also reviewed the Parking Management Plan and the Construction Traffic and Parking Plan, the Traffic Signal Plan and the Traffic Signage Plan.

Bank Street Commons, White Plains, NY
Pursuant to the development of 500 units of residential housing adjacent to the Harlem Line of Metro-North, Adler Consulting prepared the traffic component of the environmental impact study.

Millennium Tower, Yonkers, NY
Adler Consulting studied the traffic impacts of a proposed 90-unit apartment building between Warburton Avenue and the Hudson Line of Metro-North.

Hamilton Plaza, White Plains, NY
On Barker Avenue and Church Street, Adler Consulting prepared a Traffic Impact Study for a proposed 100-unit residential apartment building.

Palmer Hill, Stamford, CT
Adler Consulting studied the traffic impacts associated with a re-zoned parcel of land to replace a 118,000 sf office building with approximately 240 townhouse units.

Clayton Park, White Plains, NY
Adler Consulting provided traffic engineering services for the development of a 260-unit rental apartment eight-story building in the fringe of downtown White Plains.

Westwood Developments, Irvington, NY
For the development of a controversial 46 single-family development, Adler Consulting analyzed the traffic impacts at 17 intersections.

Tarryhill Section IV, Tarrytown, NY
Adler Consulting prepared the Traffic Impact Study for the development of a 37 single-family dwelling unit addition to a 77-unit residential complex.

Chelsea Parc, Greenburgh, NY
The Grant-Rosen Partnership retained Adler Consulting to prepare the Traffic Impact component of the EIS for this residential community.

1085 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, NY
Adler Consulting reviewed internal circulation, suggested parking and driving patterns and prepared specifications for an internal traffic control system for a high-rise apartment house.

Laurel Ridge, Greenburgh, NY
Adler Consulting was retained to study the traffic impacts of complex containing 150 single-family residential units and a 15-unit independent living facility.

Ferrovecchio Subdivision, Town of New Castle, NY
In the analysis of the traffic impacts of fifteen single-family residential homes, Adler Consulting considered six adjacent and sixteen vicinity developments.

Houlahan Subdivision, Greenwich, CT
Adler Consulting prepared a Traffic Impact Study for this nine single-family residential unit development at the intersection of two collector arterials.

Cerf Estates at Chappaqua, Town of New Castle, NY
As part of the EIS Process, Adler Consulting prepared the transportation sections for a ten-unit single family subdivision.

The Greens at Chester, Chester, NY
Adler Consulting provided traffic engineering input for a reduction in the Traffic Impact Study requirements associated with a residential development of 450 single family homes.