Convent of the Sacred Heart School


Carmel Academy, Greenwich, CT
The Site which is comprised of the Carmel Academy’s majority portion, and a smaller section, leased by Japanese Educational Institute (JEI), forming a single campus of approximately 17 acres is located in the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut. The Carmel Academy retained Adler Consulting to investigate the potential traffic and parking impacts associated with changes to the use of its campus as well as an increased student enrollment from 450 to 550 students and to suggest improved internal flow for drop-off and pick-ups.

The Stanwich School, Greenwich, CT
Adler Consulting was retained by the Stanwich School in their quest for the consolidation of their existing locations to a new and larger campus and the expansion of their existing school to a K-12 institution. Efforts included: Analyzed existing conditions; Extrapolated the expanded school operations onto the new campus; Provided good traffic engineering regarding internal circulation, parking and access locations for drop-off and pick-up of the Lower School, Middle School and Upper Schools; Reorganized school start and end times to spread the demand on the external roadway system; Proposed physical improvements to the roadway system to accommodate the flow; Prepared a Traffic and Parking Impact Study detailing our findings and recommendations; and, Presented the technical solutions before the Town’s jurisdictional agencies.

Greenwich Country Day School, Greenwich, CT
For over twenty years Adler Consulting has worked with the Greenwich Country Day School to solve internal congestion issues, reorganize circulation on the campus, add a new upper school performing arts building and reconstruction of the Middle School.

Convent of the Sacred Heart School, Greenwich, CT
Adler Consulting participated in the redesign of the campus access and circulation with consideration for separation of parent and bus drop-offs/pick-ups and prepared the Traffic Impact Study to account for the school’s increase in enrollment and the construction of a new science wing as well as a new gymnasium.

Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT
Adler Consulting studied the parking availability and designed an expansion of the existing area to accommodate an additional 40 spaces as well as queuing area for pick-ups and drop-offs. Adler Consulting further analyzed the adjacent congested intersections and offered an improvement plan.

Mercy College, Village of Dobbs Ferry, NY
Adler Consulting was retained by Mercy College to investigate the potential traffic and parking impacts associated with the proposed construction of three new dormitory buildings on the north side of the campus and, potentially, the further expansion of campus activities in accordance with the College’s Master Plan. Adler Consulting prepared a Traffic Impact Study detailing its findings and recommendations which was included as the traffic/transportation component of the EIS. The Traffic Impact Study focused on traffic; parking; and, pedestrian, bus and train activity. Based on its findings, Adler Consulting recommended traffic mitigation measures, traffic calming measures, and improvements to the walking environment for pedestrians.

Horace Greeley High School, Chappaqua, NY
In accounting for an impending increase in high school enrollment, the Chappaqua Central School District retained Adler Consulting to evaluate access, parking and circulation and to develop plans to accommodate the increase in activity at the school.

Chappaqua Middle School, Chappaqua, NY
The Chappaqua Central School District retained Adler Consulting to review two areas for possible construction of a middle school including alternative grade mix and geographical splitting of school population. Adler Consulting further designed access to one location accounting for sight distances and prepared the traffic/transportation component of the Environment Impact Statement (EIS).

Judicial Institute, Pace University, White Plains, NY
Pace University was selected to develop a facility to accommodate a program for the training of New York judges on a year-round basis. Adler Consulting analyzed the traffic impacts and prepared a pavement marking plan for the City of White Plains to allow for left-turns through the corridor.

The Whitby School, Greenwich, CT
An expansion of the school created the need to look at the internal circulation for drop-offs/pick-ups by private automobile and buses as well as the impacts to the adjacent street system. Adler Consulting created the necessary geometrics and analyzed the impacts.

The Brunswick School, Greenwich, CT
In two efforts for the Brunswick School, Adler Consulting analyzed the traffic impacts of a new campus in Banksville, NY, to accommodate the Pre-School and Lower-School. Further, re-scheduling class start and stop times analyses were performed with an aim to reduce the traffic and parking impacts in the vicinity of the Greenwich campus.

Kodomono Kuni Nursery School, White Plains, NY
In their application process for creation of a nursery school on a busy arterial corridor and adjacent to a residential neighborhood, Kodomono Kuni Nursery School retained Adler Consulting to provide design and traffic impact inputs for the approval process.

Irvington High School, Irvington, NY
Based on an anticipated need, the Village of Irvington retained Adler Consulting to perform a Warrant Study, to design and to coordinate with the NYS DOT for the installation of a traffic signal at the high school driveway intersection with Broadway (NY Route 9).