photo of intersection of Main and Church Streets in White Plains New York


photo of Vaishali Thiruvengadam
Vaishali Thiruvengadam, Transportation Engineer

M.S., Civil Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA, 2004
B.E., Civil Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA, 1999

Professional Experience:
Ms. Thiruvengadam has been with Adler since 2005. In her role as transportation engineer she conducts Traffic Signal Optimization studies, Traffic and Parking Impact Studies, and Signal Design associated with property/corridor development. Ms. Thiruvengadam is responsible for the following engineering efforts:
  • Data collection
  • Traffic signal optimization using Synchro and SimTraffic software Parking and traffic projection using the ITE Trip Generation Manual and Trip Generation and Parking handbooks
  • Signal timing and phasing optimization for improved traffic flow and project mitigation using Highway Capacity Software (HCS) and SYNCHRO
  • Report writing
  • Signal design
  • Parking and queuing analysis
  • Safety studies
  • Sight distance studies
  • Signal Warrant analysis using methodology outlined in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Design of circulation using truck turning templates
Major project on which Ms. Thiruvengadam has worked include:

Rock Hill Center, Rock Hill, NY - Evaluation of the potential traffic impacts associated with the proposed development of approximately 1600 residential units and 60 KSF of Commercial space.

The Stanwich School, Greenwich, CT - Evaluation of traffic, parking, queuing and on-site circulation impacts for the a proposed 750-students K-12 school.

Concord Resort Community, Thompson NY - Assisted in the evaluation and preparation of a traffic impact study for the proposed 1700-acre Concord Resort Community development, including the preparation of construction plans for three roundabouts and conceptual plans redesigning Exit 106 on NY Route 17.

US Route 9, Tarrytown, NY - Performed cumulative traffic impact study as well as Congestion-Mitigation-Air-Quality analyses to identify and secure federal funds for US Route 9 using Synchro software, SimTraffic simulation and a PowerPoint presentation.

Signal Retiming Project, Mount Vernon, NY - Performed traffic signal co-ordination, optimization and emissions reduction analyses for 115 signals using Synchro software.

Professional Organizations:
Institute of Transportation Engineers - Associate Member